Warranty terms


At CanOil, you will receive a 3-month manufacturer's warranty after sales of the product. Factory Warranty rests solely on hardware products, except for clearomizers, replacing glasses, coils (and forms of). If there are any questions about specific products in warranty, please contact us.

Where do I have a guarantee?



All products depend solely on factory warranty. Within the 3 month period, this warranty is effective. The factory warranty automatically expires when the device has damage to water or falls / bumps. A scratch or the like will not be considered, but if the device has been damaged by dropping the device, the factory warranty will expire. Water damage also includes liquid damage. When fluid is detected in the electronics, the factory warranty will automatically expire. Tip; When returning a device to CanOil, make sure it contains no liquid.



The shopkeeper only has a factory warranty on the selected products. DOA warranty or "Dead On Arrival" does not apply between the CanOil and the shopkeeper. Should your products be delivered accidentally, please contact our customer service.



An essential document we would like to receive at any return is the guarantee card. This is placed in the box with most devices. Sometimes it would appear to be stuck against the side of the box. Without this code there is no guarantee. If you can not find a warranty code when you are unsure, or do you think there is no guarantee code, please contact our customer service. How to store this warranty code is the following article.


CONSUMENT (Advice from CanOil)

When selling a hardware product for which warranty is based, we advise the shopkeeper to secure the Warranty Code / Serial Number to the customer's sales receipt. This code is essential in the warranty process. Without warranty code, neither the consumer nor the shopkeeper have the right to warranty.

Warranty sticker can contain either a QR code, barcode and scratch box, or contain only a barcode, QR code or scratch box.

The shopkeeper has the choice of how he / she manages this, we advise the shopkeeper to attach the guarantee card to the sales receipt. In some cases there is no loose card in the package but there is a sticker on the box. Please remove the sticker from the box and attach it to the sales receipt. In this way, the consumer only needs to keep the device + the sales receipt and the shopkeeper can easily send the sales receipt with the return. If the shopkeeper can not find the warranty code (when selling product, not afterwards), please contact CanOil customer service immediately.