• CBD E-liquid 50 mg package

CBD E-liquid 50 mg package

CBD E-liquid 50 mg package. No burden of taste, faster intake of CBD. All flavors CBD e-liquids with the benefits of CBD. 100% natural and certified
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CBD E-liquid 50 mg pack of 6 flavors

CanOil is a new CBD E-Liquid supplier specializing in producing CBD E-Liquids. We are known for our unique taste experience from our CBD E-Liquids.

This package includes 6 flavors of CBD e-liquids. Classic, Strawberry, Lemon, Mango, Fruit Mix and Mint.


Advantages E-liquid smoking

When you use CBD via the E-Liquid, you will notice the same result. Through the lungs, the CBD is taken evenly into your bloodstream and you notice the same difference. You do not have to get used to the taste of CBD because they are in different

The latest developments in E-cigarettes and weapon evaporators have added a new dimension to the cannabis experience. With E-Liquids, CanOil delivers an efficient and easy method of consuming cannabinoids. It's healthier than smoking, but just as satisfying. No toxic substances or nicotine, just the pure properties.


CBD E-Liquid packet with 6 flavors

This CBD e-liquid package with 6 flavors does not contain nicotine and is responsible for the vaporization by means of an E-cigarette. By using the CBD i.c.m. An E-cigarette is quickly absorbed into the body.

CanOil E-Liquids are suitable for every E-cigarette


CBD E-Liquid flavor experience

CanOil offers a variety of flavors in CBD E-Liquids, will notice that CanOil's CBD E-Liquids have a better flavor experience than other CBD E-Liquids. CanOil distinguishes sight through quality, purity and taste experience. Fully enjoy!


CanOil CBD E-Liquid flavor

CanOil offers CBD E-Liquids in different flavors and percentages. With this CBD e-liquid package you can experience all the flavors we offer. CanOil CBD E-Liquids give a natural taste. If you prefer a different taste, you can try one of the other flavors that are included in this package.


The following flavors are included in the package:

- CanOil Classic 50 mg
- CanOil Stawberry 50 mg
- CanOil Mint 50 mg
- CanOil Fruitmix 50 mg
- CanOil Mango 50 mg


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